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Dr. Gen-hua Shi, acknowledged as a professional consultant in rock and structure engineering, is the chairman of the DDA Company in California, USA, and the chief scientist of the Discontinuous Deformation Analysis Laboratory, Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute. He obtained his BSc and MEng from Beijing University, China respectively in 1963 and 1968, and his PhD from University of California at Berkeley, USA in 1988. He put forward the Key Block theory and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis method, which are now widely studied and applied in rock mechanics and rock engineering fields. He is also the inventor of the Numerical Manifold Method, which is a novel method for the analysis of both continuous and discontinuous material behaviors. He has been actively involved in many worldly famous projects related to rock mechanics in-situ test, nuclear waste storage, blasting design of rock engineering, stability analysis of rock slopes and rock foundations, underground excavation support design and construction, and dam design and dam foundation analysis, etc. His papers have appeared in profound journals, and in significant conferences such as the series of North American Rock Mechanics Symposiums, the series of Conferences on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation, etc. He also received the China Natural Science Award and some other international awards.


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