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Proceedings of the First International Forum on Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) and Simulations of Discontinuous Media


  • M. Reza Salami
  • Don Banks


  1. Recent Extensions to the DDA Method. Bernard Amadei, Chihsen Lin and Jerry Dwyer. pages 1-30.
  2. Disturbed State Concept for Modelling Solids and Discontinuities. Chandra S. Desai. pages 31-43.
  3. Development of Circular and Elliptic Disc Elements for DDA. Yuzo Ohnishi and Shigeru Miki. pages 44-51.
  4. Manifold Method. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 52-204.
  5. Simplex Integration for Manifold Method, FEM, DDA and Analytical Analysis. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 205-262.
  6. Time Integration Theories for the DDA Method with Finite Element Meshes. Chung-Yue Wang, Ching-Chiang Chuang and Jopan Sheng. pages 263-287.
  7. Studying an Impact Problem by Using WDA Method. Yongen Cai, Guo-Ping Liang, Gen-Hua Shi and N. G. W. Cook. pages 288-294.
  8. Reassessment of the St. Francis Dam Failure Using Finite Element Meshed Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Chiao-Tung Chang and Paulo J. M. Monteiro. pages 295-301.
  9. Practical Improvements on DDA. Guangqi Chen, Shigeru Miki and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 302-309.
  10. A Preliminary Application of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA). to the Three Gorges Project on Yangtze River and China. pages 0-317.
  11. The Issue of Rigid-Body Rotation in DDA. Te-Chih Ke. pages 318-325.
  12. Artificial Joint-Based DDA. Te-Chih Ke. pages 326-333.
  13. Application of DDA to Stability Analysis of Rock Masses. Te-Chih Ke. pages 334-341.
  14. The Development of DDA with Third Order Displacement Function. C. Y. Koo and J. C. Chern. pages 342-349.
  15. WDA on the High Speed Catenary-Pantograph System Dynamics. Guo-Ping Liang and Cheng-Guo Wang. pages 350-356.
  16. Comparison of Two Different 2D Algorithms for Analyzing Frictional Block Structures. Hsueh-Chun Lin, Tuong X. Tran and Richard B. Nelson. pages 357-364.
  17. Manifold Method Using Polynomial Basis Functions of Any Order. Jeen-Shang Lin and Der-Her Lee. pages 365-372.
  18. Modeling Aseismic Fault Slips and Block Deformation in Northern China by DDA. Lanbo Liu. pages 373-382.
  19. Discontinuous Deformation Analysis Using the Third Order Displacement Function. Max Y. Ma, Musharraf Zaman and J. H. Zhu. pages 383-394.
  20. An Application of DDA to a Jointed Rock Slope. Jue-Min Pei and Zu-Heng Lu. pages 395-400.
  21. The Effects of Energy Loss in Block Bumping on Discontinuous Deformation. Jue-Min Pei. pages 401-406.
  22. Manifold Method Without Use of Penalty Springs. Xiangjun Qiu. pages 407-414.
  23. Determining Contact Stresses on Potatoes Stored in Bulk Bins by Using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. M. Reza Salami, A. Shahbazi, Musharraf Zaman and Mehdi Zargham. pages 415-431.
  24. Comparison with DDA and FEM by Jointed Rock Foundation Models. Takeshi Sasaki, Seiji Morikawa, Daisuke Ishii, Yuzo Ohnishi and Ryunoshin Yoshinaka. pages 432-439.
  25. Stability of Bartlett Dam. Kuokai Shyu and M. Reza Salami. pages 440-445.
  26. Numerical Modeling of Deformable Particles. Kuokai Shyu, M. Reza Salami and A. Shahbazi. pages 446-453.
  27. Discontinuous Deformation Analysis for Soil Mechanics. Patricia A. Thomas, Jonathan D. Bray and Te-Chih Ke. pages 454-461.
  28. Analysis of Three-Hinged Beam Using DDA. M. Ronald Yeung. pages 462-469.
  29. Simulation of Rock Toppling Failure Using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Shilong Zhao, M. Reza Salami and M. Shimim Rahman. pages 470-479.
  30. Investigation of the Mechanism of Discrete Media Fracture with the Example of Rock Failure. A. D. Alexeev, V. N. Revva, G. K. Astrov-Shumilov, Yu. B. Grayadushchii and V. G. Khamulyak. pages 480-487.
  31. Hybrid Method for Discontinuous Analysis of Rigid Model and Algorithm Discussion. Wensheng Chen, Xiurun Ge, Xiangrong Gu and Dingxiang Feng. pages 488-494.
  32. Earth Pressure Analysis Considering the Stress Discontinuity in the Backfill. Hemanta Hazarika and Hiroshi Matsuzawa. pages 495-502.
  33. Realistic Simulation of Cave Mining Using Distinct Element Techniques. R. A. Johnson and J. D. Bosman. pages 503-510.
  34. Numerical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Roof Truss in Roadway. Chongde Lin. pages 511-517.
  35. Combined Finite-Discrete Element Models for Blasting and Mining Operations. A. Munjiza. pages 518-524.
  36. Micromechanical Modelling of Mechanical Contact with Friction Using Discrete Elements. A. Munjiza, M. Schonauer and G. J. Huang. pages 525-532.
  37. Predictive Modelling of the Failure and Repair of Masonry Structures with Granular Back-Fill. N. Petrinic, D. R. J. Owen, A. Munjiza and N. Bicanic. pages 533-542.
  38. Defonnation and Failure of Granular Media-A Lattice Type Model. S. Ramakrishnan, Muniram Budhu and George Frantziskonis. pages 543-550.
  39. Average Stress-Strain Relationships of Rebars in Cracked RC Panels under Biaxial Stresses. Amlan K. Sengupta and Abdeldjelil Belarbi. pages 551-558.
  40. Model Studies of the Bearing Capacity of an Orthogonally Jointed Medium. Jagdeep Singh. David W. Airey, John R. Booker and John P. Carter. pages 559-566.
  41. Analysis of Disjoint 2D Particle Assemblies. Tuong X. Tran and Richard B. Nelson. pages 567-577.
  42. Experimental Study of Rock Mass Decomposition During Slip. Jaroslav Vacek and Erik Westman. pages 578-585.
  43. Nonlinear Analysis of Underreamed Shafts. Musharraf Zaman, Imad Houssamy and M. Reza Salami. pages 586-595.
  44. Analytical Model on the Contact Problem of Plane Elastic Blocks. Xitao Zheng and Xila Liu. pages 596-603.
  45. The Static and Dynamic Solution of 2D Block Systems. Xitao Zheng and Xila Liu. pages 604-611.
  46. A Parallel Computing Practice in Block Theory. Xitao Zheng and Xila Liu. pages 612-619.
  47. Rigid Body Rotations in DDA. Mary M. MacLaughlin and Nicholas Sitar. pages 620-635.