ICADD-10 Proceedings

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Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation

Advances in Discontinuous Numerical Methods and Applications in Geomechanics and Geoengineering


  • Jian Zhao
  • Yuzo Ohnishi
  • Gao-Feng Zhao
  • Takeshi Sasaki


  1. Rock Block Stability Analysis of Slopes and Underground Power Houses. G. H. Shi. pages 3-16.
  2. Recent Developments and Future Trends in Distinct Element Methods --- UDEC/3DEC and PFC Codes. José V. Lemos. pages 17-29.
  3. Application of DDA and NMM to Practical Problems in Recent New Insight. Y. Ohnishi, T. Koyama, T. Sasaki, I. Hagiwara, S. Miki and T. Shimauchi. pages 31-42.
  4. Complete and High Order Polynomial Displacement Approximation and its Application to Elastic Mechanics Analysis based on DDA. A. Q. Wu, Y. Zhang and S. Z. Lin. pages 43-53.
  5. Discontinuum based Micromechanics Modelling Methods. G. F. Zhao and J. Zhao. pages 55-66.
  6. Immersed Boundary based Fluid Coupling in Mechanics of Discontinua. A. Munjiza, J. J. R. Williams, E. J. Avital, Ji Cin and D. Xu. pages 67-72.
  7. Toward a Realistic Rock Mass Numerical Model. G. W. Ma and G. Y. Fu. pages 73-84.
  8. DDARF-A Simple Solution for Simulating Rock Fragmentation. Y. Y. Jiao and X. L. Zhang. pages 85-98.
  9. New Contact Resolution Algorithm using Two-stage Contact Definition and Rounding Scheme in 3D DDA. T. Y. Ahn and J. J. Song. pages 101-106.
  10. Coupling Fluid Flow with Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Y. X. Ben, J. Xue, Q. H. Miao and Y. Wang. pages 107-112.
  11. Numerical Simulation of Landslide Turning into Debris Flows using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis Method. B. Hu, A. Q. Wu, B. W. Gong and B. Lu. pages 113-118.
  12. DDA Simulations for Slope Failure/Collapse Experiment Caused by Torrential Rainfall. T. Koyama, K. Irie, K. Nagano and S. Nishiyama. pages 119-125.
  13. Using Natural-Neighbor-Interpolation-based DDA Method for Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Discrete Block System. Y. Z. Ma and H. Zheng. pages 127-132.
  14. A Numerical Study of the Significance of Joint Roughness in Discontinuum Modelling. A. Mortazavi and A. Bonakdar. pages 133-138.
  15. History of Road Construction with Discontinuous Analysis in Japan. T. Nakai, K. Hatakeyama and Y. Ohnishi. pages 139-145.
  16. Nonreflection Boundaries for the Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Y. J. Ning and Z. Y. Zhao. pages 147-153.
  17. Studies on Rock Fall Problems by Three Dimensional Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. T. Sasaki, I. Hagiwara, S. Miki, Y. Ohnishi and T. Koyama. pages 155-161.
  18. Anchorage Effect on Fractured Rock and Cavern Stability Analysis using DDA Method. S. Yu, W. Wang and W. Zhu. pages 163-168.
  19. Masonry Retaining Wall Under Static Load using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. J. Q. Tian, S. Nishiyama and T. Koyama. pages 169-174.
  20. Development of Graphic User Interface for Discontinues Deformation Analysis (DDA). G. F. Zhao, N. Khalili, X. B. Zhao and X. B. Tu. pages 175-180.
  21. On the Implementation of Augmented Lagrangian Method in the 2D Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Z. Y. Zhao, H. R. Bao and Q. Tian. pages 181-187.
  22. The Method of Slope Modelling for Rockfall Analysis using 3D DDA. L. Zheng, G. Chen, K. Zen and K. Kasama. pages 189-194.
  23. Generation of Three-dimensional Rock Mass Geometrical Model. G. Y. Fu and G. W. Ma. pages 197-202.
  24. An Efficient Block Detection Algorithm in 3D-DDA. A. Jafari and M. Khishvand. pages 203-211.
  25. Block Identification Algorithm for Complex Free Planes. J. Y. Li, J. Xue, J. Xiao and Y. Wang. pages 213-218.
  26. Stability Analysis of Determined Blocks in the Underground Powerhouse of Guandi Hydropower Station. B. Lu, X. L. Ding, Z. H. Dong and A. Q. Wu. pages 219-225.
  27. Modeling Method for Complex Key Block based on Nef Polyhedra. J. Xue, Q. H. Miao, Y. X. Ben, J. Y. Li and Y. Wang. pages 227-232.
  28. Three-dimensional Block Cutting and its Some Applications to Rock Engineering. Q. H. Zhang and A. Q. Wu. pages 233-239.
  29. Application of Manifold Method to Punch Loading Tests for Polymer Bonded Explosives. K. Dai, P. Chen and H. Huai. pages 243-246.
  30. Study for Renforcement Planning of Masonry Structure with Cracks at Bayon Main Tower, Angkor. M. Hayashi, S. Yamada, M. Araya, T. Koyama, M. Fukuda and Y. Iwasaki. pages 247-252.
  31. Accelerating Contact Detection using Spatial Hashing for Numerical Manifold Method. Q. H. Miao, J. Xue, Y. X. Ben and L. Li. pages 253-259.
  32. Research on Solving Geometric Nonlinear Problems with fixed Triangular Meshes. H. Su, Y. Gong and X. Xie. pages 261-267.
  33. An Introduction of Particle Manifold Method (PMM). L. Sun, G. F. Zhao and J. Zhao. pages 269-274.
  34. Simulation of Seepage in Porous Medium by Numerical Manifold Method. Y. Wang and J. K. Gong. pages 275-280.
  35. Research on 3 Dimension Manifold Method and its Application. Y. Wu, G. Chen, Z. Jiang, Q. Li, W. Wei, X. Liu and J. Zhao. pages 281-286.
  36. A Numerical Study of Goaf Stability under a Desert Expressway. S. G. Chen, C. Hu and L. Xiong. pages 289-294.
  37. A Study on Hole-cutting in Deep Tunneling. S. G. Chen, L. Chen, C. Hu and X. R. Tan. pages 295-300.
  38. A Numerical Study on Shear Characteristics of Jointed Rock under Thermo --- Mechanical Coupled Condition. T. Kim, C-S. Lee and S. Jeon. pages 301-306.
  39. PFC Numerical Simulation of Particle Breakage of the Clay Core Rock-fill Dam. F. H. Liu, J. Liu and X. J. Kong. pages 307-313.
  40. A Study on the Stability of a Big-Section Tunnel in Karst Area. H. Ma, S. G. Chen, C. Hu and X. R. Tan. pages 315-320.
  41. Modelling Dynamic Crack Propagation by Distinct Lattice Spring Model. H.S. Ma, H. G. Ji, L. J. Yin and G. F. Zhao. pages 321-326.
  42. A Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Rock Bridges on Wave Propagation. A. Mortazavi and M. Sharafisafa. pages 327-332.
  43. Continuum and Discontinuum Analysis of Large Shallow Rock Caverns. V. Nasri, S. Rashidi, N. Allahverdi and M. Sepehrmanesh. pages 333-338.
  44. Simulation of Progressive Failure in Slope using Distinct Element Method with the Gravity Increased Procedure. T. Nishimura, H. Hiramatsu and S. Kayano. pages 339-344.
  45. Stability Analysis and Reinforcement Evaluation of the Left Bank Slope in Jingping I Hydropower Station. G. Rong, Q-H. Jiang, C-B. Zhou, J. Peng, X-J. Wang and T. Chen. pages 345-351.
  46. Investigate Water Flowing in Fractured Strata over a Gob Zone. Z. Yang, C. Huang, S. Liu, B. Wang, S. Wang and L. Wang. pages 353-358.
  47. Reliability Assessment of Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States of Underground Rock Caverns. W. G. Zhang, A. T. C. Goh and J. Y. K. Wong. pages 359-364.
  48. UDEC Application in Rock Support Optimization for Pianqiao Diversion Tunnel. Y. B. Zhao, S. G. Chen, C. Hu and X. F. Deng. pages 365-370.
  49. A Three-dimensional Stochastic Granule Model with Real Shapes and Numerical Simulation of Rockfill Behavior. W. Zhou, X. L. Chang and C-B. Zhou. pages 371-376.
  50. Elastic-plasticity Deformation Analysis for Rock Slope with Anti-dip Angle Contact Interface. X. D. Li and C. Su. pages 379-385.
  51. An Analytical Study About Dynamic Failure Mechanism of Anchor Bolts Embedded in Concrete. S. Munemoto and Y. Sonoda. pages 387-392.
  52. Computational Coupling Methods of Dynamic Problems with Different Discrete Idealizations. K. Sato, S. Maeda, T. Kawahara, Y. Tanaka and H. Takeda. pages 393-400.
  53. Stability Study of Surrounding Rock with Parallel Weak Interlayer. C. Su, Y. S. Jiang and X. D. Li. pages 401-406.
  54. Moisture and Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Pavement with Water Retention base Course. E. Tomotsugu, S. Yasunori, K. Morito, C. Su, Y. S. Jiang and X. D. Li. pages 407-412.
  55. Contact Analysis and Foundation Reinforcement Measures of Ship Lock on Soft Foundation. C. Xu, C. Su and F. Sheng. pages 413-418.
  56. On Accuracy of Solution for Explicit and Implicit Dynamic Formulation with Hybrid-type Penalty Method. T. Yagi, N. Takeuchi and K. Yamamura. pages 419-425.