ICADD-2 Proceedings

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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation


  • Yuzo Ohnishi


  1. Numerical Manifold Method. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 1-35.
  2. Applicability of Existing Models to Predict the Behavior of Rock Joints under Different Boundary Conditions. Bernard Amadei and Johannes L. Wibowo. pages 36-106.
  3. A Packing Generation Scheme for the Granular Assemblies with 3D Ellipsoidal Particles. Chung-Yue Wang, Chi-Fong Wang and Jopan Sheng. pages 107-124.
  4. Simulation of 3-D Concrete-frame Collapse due to Dynamic Loading. Motohiko Hakuno. pages 125-131.
  5. Development of High Order Manifold Method. Guangqi Chen, Yuzo Ohnishi and Takahiro Ito. pages 132-154.
  6. Application of DDA to Simulate Fracture Propagation in Solid. Te-chih Ke. pages 155-185.
  7. Modeling of Progressive Fracture in Jointed Rock by DDA Method. Cheng-Yu Koo and J. C. Chern. pages 186-200.
  8. Viscosity Coefficient of the Rockfall Simulation. Masato Shinji, Hiroyuki Ohno, Yasunori Otsuka and Guichen Ma. pages 201-210.
  9. Dynamic Deformation and Stress Field Analysis of Fault. Xiaoli Deng. pages 211-217.
  10. Tunnel Engineering Applications using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis with Finite Element Mesh. Kuokai Shyu, Chiao-Tung Chang and M. Reza Salami. pages 218-237.
  11. Soil Slope Stability Analysis using DDA. Jeen-Shang Lin and Shiou Chen. pages 238-244.
  12. Large Displacement and Finite Strain DDA: an Implementation and Physical Verification. Jeen-Shang Lin and Rashed Al-Zahrani. pages 245-252.
  13. DDA Applied to Deformation Analysis of Coarse Granular Materials (Ballast). Tatsuya Ishikawa, Yuzo Ohnishi and Akira Namura. pages 253-262.
  14. Geological Survey for DDA and its Application to a Large Rock Cavern. Hiroshi Chikahisa, Kaoru Kobayashi, Kazunobu Matsumoto, Masayuki Tsutsui and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 263-273.
  15. Manifold Mehtods and its Application to Engineering. Weiyuan Zhow, Qiang Yang and Xiaodong Koun. pages 274-281.
  16. Crack Propagation and Themal Fracture Analysis by Manifold Method. Guo-Xin Zhang, Yasuhito Sugiura and Hiroo Hasegawa. pages 282-297.
  17. Crack Propagation using Manifold Method. Yaw-Jeng Chiou, Rend-Jow Tsay and Wai-Lin Chuang. pages 298-308.
  18. Elastic-plastic Analysis of Jointed Rock Models by Manifold Method. Takeshi Sasaki, Seiji Morikawa, Daisuke Ishii and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 309-316.
  19. Utilization of Finite Covers in the Manifold Method for Accuracy Control. Hideomi Ohtsubo, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Kenjiro Terada and Katsuyoshi Nakanishi. pages 317-322.
  20. Static Contact Problems of Discrete Systems Solved by the Diffuse Element Method. Ming-Hong Chen, Chung-Yue Wang and Jopan Sheng. pages 323-342.
  21. Analysis of Loose Earth Pressure in Trap Door Test by the Distinct Element Method. Takeshi Asano, Masao Nishimura, Hitoshi Masui and Shigeru Kameda. pages 343-350.
  22. Numerical Study on Support Effects of Cable Bolt in Discontinuous Rock Mass. Hideo Kinashi and Satoru Amano. pages 351-358.
  23. A Static Model of Granular Materials in a Bin using Distinct Element Analysis. Jun Yoshida. pages 359-364.
  24. Combined Finite/Disctete Element Method - Improved Contact Solutions. A. Munjiza, G. J. Huang and Jeen-Shang Lin. pages 365-372.
  25. Size Effect Analysis of Plain Concrete Beams by using RBSM. Hiroaki Kitoh, Norio Takeuchi, Masatoshi Ueda, Harunori Higuchi, Atsushi Kambayashi and Michihiro Tomida. pages 373-382.
  26. Development of Discrete Limit Analysis and its Application to the Solid Mechanics. Norio Takeuchi and Tadahiko Kawai. pages 383-390.
  27. Behavior and Analysis of Deformable Continuous Media Containing Rigid Discontinuous Bodies. Chiang Shih, Yeong-Kang Wang and Edward C. Ting. pages 391-418.
  28. New Finite Elements for the Analysis of Progressive Discontinuity Problems based on the Finite Volume Concepts. Hiroshi Takeda, Morito Kusabuka, Norio Takeuchi and Kazuo Sato. pages 419-431.
  29. Finite Element Method for Contact Problem and its Application to Shield Tunnel Excavation Analysis. Hiroshi Takeda, Morito Kusabuka, Hiroshi Tanaka and Nobuko Kurokawa. pages 432-441.
  30. The Movement of Rock Joint Triggered by Water Diffusion. Xing-Jue Shi and Dong-mei Li. pages 442-447.
  31. Study of the Mechanism of Destruction of Rock with a Discrete Inhomogeneity. A. D. Alexeev, V. N. Revva, Yu. B. Gryadushchi and A. N. Kabanov. pages 448-450.
  32. Selections of Contact Spring Stiffness Values in the Numerical Analysis for the System of Rigid Disks. C. P. Wang, Jopan Sheng, Chung-Yue Wang and C. L. Lee. pages 451-458.
  33. Effect of the Asperity Damage on the Shear Behaviour of Irregular Rock Joints. Tetsuro Esaki, Shouji Du, Yujing Jiang, Yoshinori Wada and Jun Sun. pages 459-464.
  34. Research and Development of New Device for Discontinuities' Site-survey. Tomio Fujikawa, Tositou Aoki and Takao Hirokawa. pages 465-471.
  35. Characterization and Behavior Evaluation of Jointed Rock Mass in Tunnelling. Masayuki Kosugi, Yuki Onodera, Akio Tamai and Wuyi Wang. pages 472-480.