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Proceedings of International Mini-Symposium for Numerical Discontinuous Analyses

The 20th anniversary of Japanese society for discontinuous analyses.


  • Yuzo Ohnishi
  • Tomofumi Koyama


  1. The Development of Analyses using Discontinuous Deformation Methods: Contact Computations. Yuzo Ohnishi, Satoshi Nishiyama and Tomofumi Koyama. pages 1-9.
  2. Cutting Joint Blocks and Block Analysis of Underground Excavation. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 11-29.
  3. Earthquake Response Analysis of Rock Slopes by Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA). Keisuke Shimaoka, Tomofumi Koyama, Nishiyama Satoshi and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 31-40.
  4. Application of DDA to Mechanical Behavior of Granular Base-subgrade System. T. Ishikawa, E. Sekine and Y. Ohnishi. pages 41-52.
  5. Studies on the Property of Impact Velocity Ratio and Application to the Rockfall Simulation by DDAball. T. Shimauchi, K. Nakamura, N. Sakai, I. Hagiwara, Y. Ohnishi and S. Nishiyama. pages 53-62.
  6. Study on Prediction of Flow Movement of Shallow Landslide based on Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. N. Sakai, H. Ikei and S. Miki. pages 63-72.
  7. A Case Study of Rockfall Phenomena with DDA Backward Analysis and Manifold Method. T. Tobase, Z. Cao, T. Itou, H. Asaka and N. Kumazaki. pages 73-82.
  8. Stability Analysis of Ancient Block Structures by using DDA and Manifold Method. T. Sasaki, I. Hagiwara, K. Sasaki, R. Yoshinaka and Y. Ohnishi. pages 83-96.
  9. Motion Analysis of Deformable Discrete System by Vector From Intrinsic Finite Element (VFIFE) Method. C. Y. Wang, S. H. Chen and R. Z. Wang. pages 97-112.
  10. Motion Analysis of the Interaction among Discrete Solid Bodies and Multi-Phase Fluid. Tso-Ren Wu, Meihui Chuang, Chih-Jung Huang and Chung-Yue Wang. pages 113-127.
  11. Stability Analysis of Reinforced Slope by using Hybrid-Type Penalty Method. Norio Takeuchi and Morito Kusabuka. pages 129-142.
  12. Development of Simplified Discrete Limit Analysis for Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Problem. Eisaku Hamasaki, Norio Takeuchi and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 143-160.
  13. A Simulation Analysis of Loading Test on Two-Layer Brickwork Arch Model by RBSM. N. Okano, Y. Shigeta, T. Matsunaga, K. Yasui and T. Asakura. pages 161-164.
  14. Three-Dimensional Core Picture System. Takumi Nakai, Kenichi Ando, Patrick Bruines and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 165-172.