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Working Forum on the Manifold Method of Material Analysis


  • Mary M. MacLaughlin
  • Chaio-Tung Chang


  1. Using the Manifold Method. Jeen-Shang Lin. pages 1-20.
  2. Artificial Joint-based Manifold Method. Te-Chih Ke. pages 21-37.
  3. Single Field Manifold Method using Fourier Function in Wave Propagation Analysis. Max Y. Ma. pages 39-59.
  4. Approximation Theories for the Manifold Method. Chung-Yue Wang, Jopan Sheng, Ming-Hong Chen and Ching-Chiang Chuang. pages 61-86.
  5. Estimation of Rock Mass Disturbance Around a Repository Drift Using the DDA Method. Frank C. Tsai. pages 87-104.
  6. Automatic Creation of Mathematical Meshes in Manifold Method of Material Analysis. Guangqi Chen, Shigeru Miki and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 105-126.
  7. Nonlinear Entrance Level Manifold Method. Chiao-Tung Chang and Paulo J. M. Monteiro. pages 127-146.
  8. Manifold Method of Material Analysis. Dezhang Lin and Haihong Mo. pages 147-164.
  9. Manifold Method with Four-node Isoparametric Finite Element Mesh. Kuokai Shyu and M. Reza Salami. pages 165-182.
  10. Development of Second Order Displacement Function for DDA and Manifold Method. J. C. Chern, C. Y. Koo and S. Chen. pages 183-202.
  11. Applications of DDA Augmented Lagrangian Method and Fracturing Algorithms in the Manifold Method. C. T. Lin and B. Amadei. pages 203-240.
  12. Manifold Method Application: Tunnel Roof Deflection. Mary M. MacLaughlin. pages 241-244.
  13. Numerical Manifold Method. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 1-128.
  14. Simplex Integration for Manifold Method and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 129-180.