ICADD-1 Proceedings

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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation


  • John C. Li
  • Chung-Yue Wang
  • Jopan Sheng


  1. Simplex Integration for Manifold Method and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 1-25.
  2. Recent Development of DDA in Rock Mechanics. Yuzo Ohnishi, Guangqi Chen and Shigeru Miki. pages 26-47.
  3. Discontinuous Modeling and Rock Mass Instability Problems. Dezhang Lin. pages 48-63.
  4. Development of Fracturing Algorithms for Jointed Rock Masses with the Discontinuous Deformation Analysis. Chihsen T. Lin, B. Amadei, S. Ouyang and C.Huang. pages 64-90.
  5. Development of Second Order Displacement Function for DDA. C. Y. Koo, J. C. Chern and S. Chen. pages 91-108.
  6. Study on the Performance of Tunnel near Slope by DDA. S. Chen, J. C. Chern and C. Y. Koo. pages 109-123.
  7. DDA Combined with the Artificial Joints Concept. Te-Chih Ke. pages 124-139.
  8. Algorithm for the Transition from Continuous to Discontinuous and Free Bodies in Finite Element Failure Analysis. Edward C. Ting, Yeon-Kang Wang and Austin Pan. pages 140-163.
  9. Modeling Aspects of Discrete/Finite Element Technology in Continuum and Fracture. Ante Munjiza, D. R. J. Owen and G. J. Huang. pages 164-186.
  10. Numerical Manifold Method. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 187-222.
  11. Continuous and Discontinuous Analysis Using the Manifold Method. Jeen-Shang Lin. pages 223-241.
  12. Formulation and Solution Scheme of the Nonlinear Contact Problem in the DDA Method. Frank Tsai. pages 242-259.
  13. Modification of DDA with respect to Rigid-body Rotation. Te-Chih Ke. pages 260-273.
  14. The Discontinuous Deformation Analysis of ``H Block Retaining Wall. Tien-Kuen Huang. pages 274-287.
  15. Discontinuous Deformation Analysis for Masonry Structures. Yaw-Jeng Chiou, Jyh-Chern Tzeng and Ming-Jiunn Lin. pages 288-297.
  16. Recent Advances in Granular Mechanics. C. S. Chang. pages 298-310.
  17. A 3D Constitutive Model for Rock Joints and DEM Analysis. L. R. Jing. pages 311-325.
  18. Nonlinear Upper Bound and Lower Bound Analysis Method for Granular Mechanics. Ching-Lung Liao and Dong-Hwa Yang. pages 326-336.
  19. Discrete Element Analysis for Limit Equilibrium Problems in Geotechnical Engineering. Sao-Jeng Chao and Ching S. Chang. pages 337-359.
  20. DDA Simulation of a Graded Particulate Assembly under Shear. An-Bin Huang, Ming-Chin Hsiao and Yeh-Chian Lu. pages 360-372.
  21. Nodal-based Discontinuous Deformation Analysis with Four-node Isopanametric Finite Element Mesh. Kuo-Kai Shyu and Reza Salami. pages 373-394.
  22. Nonlinear Dynamic Discontinuous Deformation Analysis with Finite Element Mesh in Each Block. Chiao-Tung Chang. pages 395-419.
  23. Dynamic Responses of Sliding Structure subject to Seismic Excitation. JinnSong Tsai and WengChing Wang. pages 420-432.
  24. Dynamic-Contact Analysis Scheme Applied in the DDA Method. Chung-Yue Wang, Jopan Sheng and Ming-Hong Chen. pages 433-459.