ICADD-3 Proceedings

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation

from Theory to Practice


  • Bernard Amadei


  1. Applications of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis and Manifold Method. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 3-16.
  2. Development of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis: The First 10 Years (1986-1996). Max Y. Ma. pages 17-32.
  3. Comparison between Physical and Manifold Method Models of Discontinuous. Yuzo Ohnishi, Guangqi Chen, Masahiro Ogawa, Takahiro Itoh and Takumi Nakai. pages 33-44.
  4. An Efficient Adaptive Skyline Solver for Contact Dynamics in Discrete Body Systems. Chung-Yue Wang, Ching-Chiang Chuang and Jopan Sheng. pages 47-56.
  5. A Non-Linear Model for Discontinuities in DDA. Guangqi Chen and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 57-64.
  6. A Gravity Turn-On Routine for DDA. Mary M. MacLaughlin and Nicholas Sitar. pages 65-74.
  7. Practical Computing Formulas of Simplex Integration. Guangqi Chen and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 75-84.
  8. A Method of Sub-Meshing in Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA). Dave Clatworthy and Friedrich Scheele. pages 85-94.
  9. Method of Stability Analysis of a Dam-Foundation-Plant System. Jue-Min Pei. pages 97-105.
  10. Analysis of Cyclic Plastic Deformation of Railroad Ballast by DDA. Tatsuya Ishikawa and Yuzo Ohnishi. pages 107-116.
  11. The Voussoir Beam Reaction Curve. Yossef H. Hatzor. pages 117-126.
  12. DDA Analysis of the RCC Modification for Pueblo Dam. Joseph T. Kottenstette. pages 127-132.
  13. On the DDA Framework for Modelling Concrete Fracture. Chris Pearce, Nenad Bicanic, Appapillai Thavalingam and Zhi Hong Liao. pages 133-140.
  14. Analysis of Large Block Test Data Using the DDA Method. M. Ronald Yeung and Stephen C. Blair. pages 141-150.
  15. On the Methodology of Numerical Etching. Xinhua Wang, Kuokai Shyu, Chiao-Tung Chang and Dawei Zheng. pages 151-158.
  16. Modeling Excavation Induced Response of Jointed Rock Using DDA. Chihsen T. Lin, Shoung Ouyang, Chen-Tair Huang, Cy C. Chen, Paul T. H. Huang, Chung-Cheng Lee and Jiannlin Lin. pages 159-168.
  17. Two Examples of the Application of Key-Block Theory in China. Jue-Min Pei, Xiao-Chu Pen and Shan-Ru Hang. pages 171-179.
  18. Applications of Key Block Theory and DDA at Yerba Buena Island Tunnel Portals under Earthquake Loading. Hubert K. Law and Ignatius P. Lam. pages 181-190.
  19. Manifold Method with Complete First Order Displacement Function on Physical Cover. Shuilin Wang, Xiurun Ge and Guang Zhang. pages 193-201.
  20. Manifold Method with Four Physical Covers Forming an Element and Its Application. Shuilin Wang and Xiurun Ge. pages 203-210.
  21. Application of Manifold Method to Jointed Dam Foundation. Guo-Xin Zhang, Yasuhito Sugiura and Kozo Saito. pages 211-220.
  22. Manifold Method in Saturated-Unsaturated Unsteady Groundwater Flow Analysis. Yuzo Ohnishi, Makoto Tanaka, Tomofumi Koyama and Ko Mutoh. pages 221-230.
  23. Manifold Method Analysis of Rock Masses Containing Joints of Two Different Scales. Jeen-Shang Lin, Cheng-Yu Koo and Jin-Ching Chern. pages 231-239.
  24. Dynamic Behaviors in Discontinuous Elastic Media Using DDA. Kuokai Shyu, Xinhua Wang and Chiao-Tung Chang. pages 243-252.
  25. Soil and Rock Analysis by Mechanics of Multiple Continuous Bodies. C. Shih, A. Altschaeffl and E. C. Ting. pages 253-262.
  26. Stability Analysis of the Ship-Lock Slops of the Three Gorges Project by Three-Dimensional FEM and DEM Techniques. Weishen Zhu, Qiangyong Zhang and Lanru Jing. pages 263-272.
  27. Crack Propagation by Manifold and Boundary Element Method. Guo-Xin Zhang, Yasuhito Sugiura and Hiroo Hasegawa. pages 273-282.
  28. Crack Propagation Using Manifold Method Coupled with Element Free Method. Weiyuan Zhou, Xiaodong Kuo and Roqiong Yang. pages 283-289.