ICADD-8 Proceedings

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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation

Fundamentals & Applications to Mining & Civil Engineering


  • Yang Ju
  • Xisheng Fang
  • Haiying Bian


  1. Applications of discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA) to rock stability analysis. Gen-Hua Shi. pages 1-13.
  2. Recent insights of analyses using discontinuous methods in rock engineering in Japan. Y. Ohnishi and S. Nishiyama. pages 15-26.
  3. Validation for rock block stability kinematics and its application to rock slope stability evaluation using discontinuous deformation analysis. Aiqing Wu, Xiuli Ding, Bo Lu and Qihua Zhang. pages 27-32.
  4. Modeling shear resistance of heterogeneous rock joint by using manifold method. Guowei Ma, Xinmei An and Y. X. Zhou. pages 33-38.
  5. Analysis of discontinuous deformation of upper rock strata of coal mine. Yang Ju and J. P. Zuo. pages 39-45.
  6. Application of 3D block theory in engineering. Xiaochu Peng and Pujian Li. pages 47-50.
  7. Implementation of a trilinear hexahedron mesh into three-dimensional discontinuous deformation analysis (3-D DDA). S. A. Beyabanaki, A. Jafari, M. R. Yeung and S. O. Biabanaki. pages 51-56.
  8. Numerical simulation of mechanical characteristics of coarse granular materials by discontinuous deformation analysis. Peixi Guo and Shaozhong Lin. pages 57-60.
  9. Fundamental study for slope failure of volcanic soil ground by DDA. T. Ishikawa1, S. Miura, S. Kawamura and Y. Ohnishi. pages 61-66.
  10. Analysis of toppling using three-dimensional discontinuous deformation analysis. M. R. Yeung and K. L. Wong. pages 67-71.
  11. Evaluation of shield tunnel segment behavior with digital photogrammetry and discontinuous manifold analysis : A case study of Fushimi Tunnel. M. Ryu, T. Nakai, Y. Ohnishi, Y. Adachi, A. Higashide and S. Miki. pages 73-79.
  12. A new meshfree displacement approximation mode for the DDA method and its application. Yongzheng Ma, Wei Jiang, Zhechong Huang and Hong Zheng. pages 81-88.
  13. DDA with higher order polynomial displacement functions for large elastic deformation problems. Xiaobo Wang, Xiuli Ding, Bo Lu and Aiqing Wu. pages 89-94.
  14. Narrow-phase collision detection based on DDA. Xiaofei Zhao, Xisheng Fang and Ying Wang. pages 95-99.
  15. A fast common plane identification algorithm for 3-D contact problem. Jun Liu, Q. D. Geng and X. J. Kong. pages 101-110.
  16. Application of DDA-FEM coupled method in pavement analysis. Changyong Cao, Y. Zhong and Genhua Shi. pages 111-116.
  17. Application study of DDA method in blasting numerical simulation. You-Jun Ning, Jun Yang and Pengwan Chen. pages 117-122.
  18. Seismic risk estimation from overturning analysis of hellenistic columns using DDA. G. Yagoda and Y. H. Hatzor. pages 123-128.
  19. Effects of dynamic friction on sliding behavior of block in DDA. Phan Huy Dong and Osada Masahiko. pages 129-134.
  20. Comprehending DDA for a block behavior under dynamic condition. S. Akao, Y. Ohnishi, S. Nishiyama and T. Nishimura. pages 135-140.
  21. Fundamental studies for dynamic response of simple block structures by DDA. T. Sasaki, I. Hagiwara, K. Sasaki, Y. Ohnishi and H. Ito. pages 141-146.
  22. Application of discontinuous deformation analysis in prediction analysis of natural dam formation by landslide. E. Hamasaki, A. Sasaki and Y. Ohnishi. pages 147-150.
  23. Understanding fracture patterns of rock mass due to blast load - a DDA approach. Zhiye Zhao, J. Gu and H. Bao. pages 151-156.
  24. Simulation of simple shear tests using DEM. Jian Wang, H. S. Yu and P. Langston. pages 157-161.
  25. A discontinuous sub-block meso-damage evolution model for rock mass. Hehua Zhu, Shimin Wang and Yongchang Cai. pages 163-167.
  26. Analysis of block deformation characteristics and its stability under high in-situ stress. Guangbin Shi and Min He. pages 169-176.
  27. Automatic generation of 2D physical cover in numerical manifold method. Xin Wen, Xisheng Fang and Ying Wang. pages 177-181.
  28. On the onset and propagation of shear band in undrained geomaterials. E. G. Septanikai and V. Thakur. pages 183-187.
  29. Failure process simulation of Meihua Arch Dam by 3-D mode discrete element method. Feng Jin, Chong Zhang, Renkun Wang and Xuemin Feng. pages 189-194.
  30. Elasto-Plastic discontinuous deformation analysis using Mohr-Coulomb model. R. Grayli and A. Mortazavi. pages 195-200.
  31. Nonlinear analysis of Riedel shearing test by using mesh dividing method in HPM. Riichi Mihara and Norio Takeuchi. pages 201-206.
  32. Rock block identification and block size determination of rock mass. J. S. Song, Y. Ohnishi and S. Nishiyama. pages 207-211.
  33. 3-D mode discrete element method. Chong Zhang, Feng Jin, Renkun Wang and Xuemin Feng. pages 213-220.
  34. Numerical studies on dynamic friction mechanism of blocky rock system using manifold method. Guowei Ma, Xinmei An and M. Y. Wang. pages 221-225.
  35. Application of numerical manifold method in fluid-solid interaction harmonic analysis. Haidong Su and Yuying Huang. pages 227-233.
  36. Structure failure simulation by numerical manifold method. Guoxin Zhang, Yan Zhao and Jia Ha. pages 235-242.
  37. Application of key block theory and DDA to the stability analysis of underground power house of Jinping hydropower station I. Wen Chen and Jianhui Deng. pages 243-247.
  38. A simulation technology of deformable objects using numerical manifold method. Tingting Liu, Xisheng Fang and Ying Wang. pages 249-253.
  39. Study on geometrical identification of stochastic block in block theory. Qihua Zhang and Aiqing Wu. pages 255-263.
  40. Numerical Simulation of different fracture pattern in diametrically loaded discs of rock material by manifold method. Bingchen Wang, Jun Yang, Youjun Ning and Pengwan Chen. pages 265-268.
  41. Manifold method simulation of the crack evolution of tunnels with different sections under different lateral pressures. Ying Qian, Jun Yang and Youjun Ning. pages 269-273.
  42. Applications of manifold method to geotechnical problems involving excavations. S. Miki, T. Sasaki, Y. Ohnishi and S. Nishiyama. pages 275-280.
  43. Study on applications of key block theory to rock engineering projects. O. Murakami, A. Yokoo, Y. Ohnishi and S. Nishiyama. pages 281-284.
  44. Application of DDA to evaluate the mechanism of rock slope instability. G. C. Ma, Y. Ohnishi and K. Monma. pages 285-295.
  45. Redevelopment of DDA program and its application. C. Y. He, G. Deng and Yujie Wang. pages 297-301.
  46. On seismic dynamic stability of No.II deformation body by newmark method for Laxiwa Hydropower Project. Li Shi. pages 303-308.